The Californian sister trio Haim has several times overwhelmed the Danish audience with concerts at Roskilde Festival and Tinderbox. This summer, you have the chance again, to experience the successful trio when Este, Danielle and Alana on the 19th of June 2018 make their way past TAP1 during their upcoming “Sister Sister Sister Tour”. 

In 2013 Haim scored a well deserved breakthrough with the debut album »Days Are Gone«, which threw of a series of hits like »Falling«, »The Wire« and »If I Could Change Your Mind«. Last year they made a follow-up called »Something to Tell You«, where they received assistance from producers such as Ariel Rechtshaid (Adele, Beyonce, etc.), Rostam Batmanglij (Vampire Weekend etc.) and George Lewis Jr. (Twin Shadow). The album went top 10 on the sales charts in both the UK and in their home country USA.

Live, the trio undergoes a significant transformation. Their concerts are characterized by energy bombs, where the energetic Haim sisters, on stage, releases their great musicality in a more rocky form.

The audience who gets a ticket for the summer concert in TAP1 can look forward to experiencing their infectious pleasure for preforming and their instrumental equilibrium. It means dirty guitar solos, groovy basslines, thundering drums and eminent choruses.

Ticket price: 300 kr. + fee

Tickets are sold from 23 February at. 10 o’clock via billetlugen