Q: How far is TAP1 from the city centre?
A: 4 km from the Town Hall square & Copenhagen Central Station / 9 minutes by car (taxi) / 15 minutes on bike.

Q: How many parking spaces are there in the area?
A: 250.

Q: What is the size of TAP1?
A: Hall 1 = 2300 m2
     Hall 2 = 1100 m2
     Total including lobby = 5000 m2

Q: Are private suppliers allowed at TAP1?
A: TAP1 has a preferred partner on technique/AV

Q: What is the maximum capacity for people allowed in TAP1?
A: 6500 persons

Q: Which Metro (subway) station is closest?
A: Øresund st. (15 minutes by foot).

Q: Is smoking allowed indoors at TAP1?
A: Smoking is prohibited in TAP1

Q: How do you get in touch with TAP1?
A: By phone on +45 3149 4948 or email us at info@tap1.dk.

Q: How does TAP1 handle forgotten items?
A: All forgotten items are handed over to the lost and found office with the Copenhagen Police on the first coming business day after the event. It is not possible to collect forgotten items at TAP1.